Annex Films


The Annex production team are at your service


Here at ANNEX we offer a bespoke & practical approach to service production, underpinned by incredible production industry experience. Every project is actively managed from brief to delivery.  Professionalism, client service and production expertise are our mantra.

At ANNEX you get a team not just a fixer. We apply our many years of collective production experience to each project, working with you every step of the way from script breakdown and research, through detailed budget preparation and scheduling to production, delivery and reconciliation. 

The UK is a world renowned centre of production excellence but historically has been thought an expensive place to film.  We at ANNEX understand the importance of wringing every last drop of value from frequently reduced budgets and in this new post Brexit landscape we continue to be highly competitive so you can get more bang for your Buck, Euro or Yen and anything in between than ever before.