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Nadezna Radcore

Nadezna Radcore

Through Annex’s association with the Rudeboy Collective in South Africa, we now represent the young and talented director Nadezna Radcore.

Since joining Rudeboy, Nadezna has already directed stunning visuals for McDonalds and most recently, a light hearted comedy series for PPS Insurance.

Spirited and passionate Nadezna is an ex Creative Director and Roller Derby Champ who has many years of industry experience under her very powerful belt. Nadezna started out studying design in New York and moved to London to work in fashion. She returned home to complete her AFDA degree, excelling in class whilst still finding time to work as a commercials researcher and study philosophy, metaphysics and psychology. She likes to know stuff.

She’s fast becoming an accomplished content director and international interest in her as a ‘Female Director to watch’ is growing steadily.