The new James Blake music promo, I’ll Come Too, has been released.

We are proud to announce the majority of the footage was captured by our very own Mateo Willis, for Planet Earth 2.

Mateo had this to say about the material he shot and directed:

"I filmed a male albatross on a remote New Zealand island as he waited for the return of his mate. Males and females spend most of their time apart, wandering the vast expanses of the Southern Ocean. But once a year they come together. This male had arrived first. As the anxious days ticked by his only company was curious penguins. Eventually his mate arrived, and they celebrated their reunion with a delicate courtship dance. The penguins watched and, I like to think, applauded love reunited."

The promo was edited by Matt Meech. We think you’ll agree it’s not only the song that is beautiful.