Oscar interviews the legendary Mark Ronson for second installment of Lego 'Rebuild The World'

The inspiring campaign for Lego 'Rebuild The World' continues, with Oscar Cariss directing and interviewing icon Mark Ronson. Oscar and Ronson discuss creativity and music (and of course LEGO) at the infamous Abbey Road Studios.

Producer Mark Ronson is at his most creative in the recording studio – where hits such as ‘Uptown Funk’ and ‘Nothing Breaks Like a Heart’ were crafted. One of the most creative and successful music icons of his generation, Ronson’s creative process for writing and producing songs comes to life in his film. He showcases how building out chords and sequences is very similar to being creative with LEGO bricks. Each brick resembles a different note, and when put together make a track.

“Building with LEGO bricks is one of my earliest memories of being creative and also experiencing the satisfaction of seeing something through from start to finish,” said Ronson. “Both of these things are the bedrock of what I do today—in the studio it is important for me to be creative but also task minded. LEGO bricks are a great tool to inspire the next generation of creatives to do the same”.