Oscar Cariss directs Simone Biles for Lego ‘Rebuild the world’ campaign

Oscar directs Simone Biles in beautiful and captivating film for Lego ‘Rebuild the world’ campaign.

The series explores the importance of creativity and play starring 3 icons. First up is the incredible gymnast Simone Biles. The films illustrate why Lego play is the ultimate platform for creative expression and creative problem solving.

Simone Biles is one of the most exciting athletes on the planet, who is evolving the sport of gymnastics with her own artistic elements. Fresh from her record-breaking winning performance at the World Championships in Stuttgart, where the world watched in awe as Simone performed her incredible Triple-Double routine (and Double-double), Biles is shown planning these moves with LEGO bricks in her film.

Biles’ film provides an insider look into her training gym, where she draws parallels between LEGO play and her historic gymnastic techniques. Biles visualises different movements using LEGO bricks, demonstrating her creative process and imagination to help inspire parents and children across the world.

Discussing the similarities of LEGO play and gymnastic routines, Simone Biles said: “I like to encourage people to be original and unique in whatever they do, and for me creativity plays a huge role in making my gymnastics feel distinctive – like my Triple-Double routine. The parallels with the endless possibilities of building with LEGO bricks are clear to see. You can play around in a lot of different ways, you can build up and down, and you can change your builds around a lot. You have the freedom to be really creative and flexibility to get to a final work that you’re confident with.”