New Trailer for Simon Aboud's Comedy Series 'All You Need is Me'

Annex Films are excited to announce that director Simon Aboud’s new comedy mini series ‘All You Need Is Me’ has now been launched.

 All You Need Is Me is a comedy drama series about a young band going to Los Angeles and having the full on US rock experience. But it’s not about rock ‘n’ roll and the half-digested clichés taken from bad rock movies. It’s a series that’s infused with humour that highlights the realities of the music industry, from the realisation that you can be a hot new name and yet ‘the sweet smell of success’ in reality, is not all it’s cracked up to be. And beyond it all and what really counts, is their relationships with each other, for better or otherwise, they need each other and everything else is gravy…

In tone and style, this show has the cracking pace of ‘Entourage’, being both realistic and funny in its depiction of the music business without being harsh and cynical. With a strong supporting cast of real life stars – The Libertines’ CARL BARAT, Fall Out Boy’s PETE WENTZ, ELVIS COSTELLO and  JAMES CORDEN – making cameo appearances creating a show that is both convincing and hilarious in equal measures.