Marc Silver Showcase

We are very excited to share the work of Marc Silver, an award-winning documentary Director/Cinematographer with a background in commercials, concert visuals and art installations.

This short piece shows excerpts of some of Marc's current projects, showing his global reach and awareness of many humanitarian conversations going on in our ever changing world. Marc has focused on human rights and future technologies, covering topics such as US border crossing, peace protests, drugs, gun law and the internet scandal that brought down Cambridge Analytica. 

He is currently working on a piece for The Guardian about CRISPR and the implications of genome editing technology as well as a feature length documentary about Ayahuasca.

Marc's work is not only stunningly shot, but emotive and deeply moving. Recognised globally, he has been Oscar shortlisted, Emmy nominated and has won multiple awards for Social Impact and Cinematography at Sundance.