Marc Silver puts a lens on the ethical debate regarding gene coding for the Guardian

Gene editing could be one of the most profound and relevant scientific stories of our generation. The narrative of Marc Silver’s new short raises some of the key questions at the heart of the debate. This new technology could affect everything from food to healthcare to our attempts to tackle climate change. Technologies such as CRISPR have the power to change life as we know it.

There are decisions being made right now that could have an effect on global populations for generations to come. The Guardian commissioned Marc Silver to investigate some of the themes involved. Director and Producer, Marc Silver, is an award winning filmmaker and director of the Oscar shortlisted and Emmy nominated feature doc, 3 1⁄2 Minutes, Ten Bullets.

Marc’s beautiful fictional film ‘Recode’ imagines a future where gene editing has become mainstream and discusses the moral, ethical and political divides that this might create.