Annex Collective director and artist Luc Reso Janin has completed his impressive mural in North London. This project was started after a graffiti workshop Luc had been animating in the Mayton Street festival over the last few years. The bottom of this wall was painted by the local kids during the last festival and he integrated it within his design when painting the mural. So, it made sense to have the kids again do the final touches on the ground level when the scaffolding went down.

In his own words:

“The world is quite a mess today and I certainly don't pretend having answers to all the problems but I do know that nothing good ever gets done without keeping positive. LET IT BE COLOURFUL. The titles are the only thing I haven't done on this film. Designed by my kids.

As you can see, I really enjoyed the timelapse feature on my phone recently. Nearly every of the 14 days I spent painting this mural, I attached my phone to the scaffolding, played some music and shot a timelapse for a few hours. Now this is all of them edited together in one minute. It gives a good idea of my view during the work in progress: On a scaffolding, you can only step back a metre, so I only see one detail at a time. From the street, the scaffolding hides most of the piece, so the first time I see it is with everybody when the scaffolding comes down... and it's too late to change anything!”

The film ends with a timelapse over 12 hours, to show how the different reflective paint Luc used, making the contrast and colours change with daylight throughout the day.