Jako rallies the team to create the incredible Undertrack for Ford

No-one likes being stuck in the city, especially when you’ve just got your hands on some serious metal.

Jako’s latest full social campaign for Ford takes the all new Fiesta ST deep underground to explore one of the biggest adult playgrounds around!

We shot in one of the largest salt mines in Europe with caves running for more than 30 miles and up to 1200ft underground. 

The amazing team of miners allowed us to drive the brand new Ford Fiesta ST around the tunnels at lightning speed, as if it were a full blown rally track! 

Jako, Annex Director, commented: "I thought it a bit optimistic that there was a 10m.p.h. speed limit in the tunnels!”

You can read Jako's SHOTS article entitled "How to Shoot a Car Ad 1300 Feet Underground" here: