David shoots Britain's everyday exporting heroes for GREAT new DIT campaign

Annex director David Baksh has completed a big full-service production for the Department for International Trade through Ogilvy London.

Showcasing over 30 inspirational exporters and their businesses, spanning the length and breadth of the UK, David and his intrepid team hit the road and shot the campaign over two months, running and gunning their way across the country.

Thousands of miles and many hours of Spotify playlists later, the 'Exporting Is Great' films and content are now making big waves as they hit social media and TV, inspiring a new generation of business owners to get exporting.

Saving space in the van, David shot both the moving image for the social and broadcast films and the stills used in the poster campaign.

David Baksh speaking about the project:

‘This was a dream job for a doc director - a fantastic opportunity to break out of your bubble, see places and meet people that you never otherwise would - and help them tell a little piece of their story. In all, we shot 32 companies but I must have interviewed 3 times that number throughout the casting process and all of them wanted to spread the word that exporting is a no-brainer. Whether it was a husband and wife team making gin in The Peaks, a team of coders in Edinburgh or a heavy-duty manufacturer in the Midlands, they were all completely up for being the stories, faces and voices of the campaign's rallying call; If We Can - You Can.'