We are thrilled to share Pedro Pinto as our latest signing!  Pedro has a background in theatre and has a natural ability directing actors, so can just as easily capture an emotive moment between mother and daughter, as encapsulating the raw emotion of youth. The Baltika World Cup spot fizzes with energy and also shows his ease using mixed media and his Vitalis Paralympic film captures the spirit of athletic determination.

Pedro graduated from the National Film and Television School in London. He has since become a talented director specialising in live action, comedy, dialogue and visual effects. He has an eye for unique, colourful and cinematic worlds with a dash of subtle humour. Recently, Pedro has worked with recognised brands such as McDonalds, Google, Sagres, Nespresso and Coca Cola. He has won a variety of awards including Best Music Video at MUTI in 2016 and Best Visual Effects at AMIMEX in 2007. His latest short film ‘Epoch’ was selected for the Short Film Corner at Cannes Film Festival.

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