Annex Films

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Who we are

ANNEX was founded in 1973 and is now established as one of London’s longest running Production Companies. We are a vastly experienced team with an unmitigated belief in quality creative output. We generate and produce innovative work in many forms, be that branded content, commercials, photography, interactive games or documentary.

At the heart of ANNEX is the conviction that all great communication starts with great stories, irrespective of what it’s called, how long it is, how much it costs or where it lives. Our scope of work has ranged from the low key and edgy to the magnificent. We’ve raced supercars in Ascari, tamed lions, zip wired through the streets of Vancouver, put penguins in the North Pole, gone farming underground, made rooms that sail, covered Cape Town in snow, chased sunrises around the globe and created an underwater orchestra.

ANNEX remains a small, spirited production company, with long associations and repeat business ensuring a solid platform for original thinking and new media development.